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Charlotte, NC based Full Service HD Video Production providing World-Wide delivery for TV, DVD, Bluray, & the Internet.

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To succeed you have to be able to connect the pieces of the puzzle.
Let us combine the pieces of your puzzle!
Today's computer technology allows us to deliver worldwide web video productions.
Our goal is to create trustworthy business relationships that last.
     Our passion for the creative process is immediately evident. We take joy in being part of an openly creative team. Depending on the needs of the project, Visually CREATIVE Video can Produce, Direct, Write, Shoot, Grip, Gaff, Teleprompt, Edit, or any combination thereof.

     The gratification felt from a job well done, together with our skills and experience enable Visually CREATIVE Video to make a significant difference when a story needs to be told via a visually stimulating and heart felt medium.

     With the goal of creating lasting professional relationships, Visually CREATIVE Video production provides Results Driven Video at an Affordable Price!
       Visually CREATIVE Video production is comprised of creative thinkers, producers, directors, photographers, editors, and project managers who thrive on tackling creative challenges. Visually CREATIVE Video production is accustomed to creating visually stimulating multimedia in a wide variety of standardized formats for Broadcast TV, Blu-ray, DVD, Live-Events, Tradeshows, Presentations, and everything in-between. We deliver optimized media for Internet viewing, advertising, and exposure to help increase customer traffic.

      Our collaborative efforts are the key to developing a unique story, strategy, and a branded message to fit your vision. The focus is to help you deliver a powerful message and realize a strong Return on your Video Production Investment (ROI).

Visually CREATIVE Video Production, Charlotte; offers much more!

We continuously make a conscious effort to keep costs at a minimum. We adhere to the highest of Industry Standards which ensures High Production Value.

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      The plethera of options involved in video production make it impossible to price a production without having a full brief of what's wanted, needed, and expected. With this in mind we need to look at 'cost' from a different angle.

     An 'Expensive' video production is one that fails to communicate. This is considered expensive because its Return On Investment (ROI) is 0%. Yet, an 'Inexpensive' video production may be one that costs $5,000 yet yields $50,000. Value is SUBJECTIVE but ROI is OBJECTIVE. That single statement is what makes it hard to talk COST without a full brief so that we may also begin comparing VALUE.

     Once budgets and creative desires match, your video production will become a source of new business, inspiration, and pride.

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