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Reduce production cost and stress w/ Teleprompter & Operator Rental.
No need to remember your script... just read it!
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Visually Creative Video is one the leading teleprompting companies in Charlotte, NC. We come armed with state-of-the-art, easily readable, 17" off-camera equipment. Our top-notch professional teleprompter operators make sure you never have to worry about remembering your script during video production.

WHY rent a Teleprompter?
During video shoots wherein the presenter is talking to the viewer, it is necessary that the person/people in front of the camera look directly at the camera lens and deliver their lines. Our 'Through-the-Lens' teleprompter rental is ideal for such situations. The versatility of our Through-the-Lens teleprompters allow them to be mounted on stands in front of the camera. If you are shooting a scene wherein the speaker is not looking at the camera, we simply setup the teleprompter in what we like to call the 'Off-Camera' arrangement.

Afterall, why force your speaker to have to remember their lines? Instead, they can just read them. This can translate into big savings by minimizing production time. It also helps relieve stress felt by the speaker. Since they can't see the camera, they tend to relax and forget they are being recorded.

Charlotte, NC Teleprompter Rental!
Backed by many years of experience, our teleprompter technicians are quick in setting up the teleprompter, precise in operating the teleprompter, quick with script revisions, and always professional.
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